Rick Phillips, president of Phillips and Associates of Delray Beach, defines public relations...
Rick Phillips, president of Phillips and Associates of Delray Beach, Florida, Defines Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing

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Rick Phillips

How Do You Define Public Relations?
"Defining Public Relations could require a seminar
of professional marketing experts and semantics

experts to get it just right... Since the best definitions
are the simple ones, I describe public relations as:

"planned, persuasive communication designed
to influence targeted publics, in order to get them
to think or act in a certain manner --
without requiring the direct purchase
of media space."

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So then, would it follow that Advertising is the business of influencing targeted publics by use of paid-for media space?

"I think that's a fair assessment, considering there are so many methodologies available to create persuasive messages by the use of paid space. And there are gray areas where public relations and advertising converge."

"In the final analysis, what's important is that the tools of marketing -- both advertising and public relations -- are understood so that a company or organization can best reach its marketplace with a clear, discernible message with an emphasis toward getting that audience to respond in a positive manner."

Then, How Do You Define Marketing?

"Marketing is the Full Spectrum of Methodologies
that Influence a Targeted Person or Group
to Think or Act in a Certain Manner.

"This Encompasses Advertising, Public Relations, Internet Marketing, Direct Mail, and a plethora of other communications devices to reach targeted prospects with a persuasive message."